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I just did a major friends cut because I felt that I needed to do that before I could re-open my journal.  So if you can't read this post you are no longer on my flist.

This wasn't easy for me and I have long thought about who to cut and who not to cut but finally I came to a decision. I want to use this journal to talk about what is going on in my life and that includes my BDSM lifestyle and I don't want to always think about the fact if I maybe offend someone from my flist by posting about this part of me. This is my journal and I should never ever feel bad about posting something but unfortunately that was often the case in the past and especially before my closing.

So if I cut you it was because I feel that we either don't have anything in common any longer since I left most of the fandoms and only watch the shows or because I have the feeling we lost each other during my change. And I cut some of you because I am deeply disappointed by you during the last weeks where I was really down.

If you think I cut you wrongly feel free to contact me.
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I made the decision to make another friends cut today because I don't feel that I have a bond with everybody on my flist.

So if you can't see this post you are cut and please cut me from your flist too.

If you think I made a mistake by cutting you just comment here and tell me why I should friend you again.



Mar. 19th, 2009 10:15 am
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Good morning,

I was thinking about doing a f-cut for a long time now and today I just did it . So if you can't read this post you are no longer on my flist because I think we have nothing in common or I don't even know why we friended each other.

If you disagree just drop me a comment here or send me a PM



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